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Legal Engineering Guild

Engineering the next generation of legal infrastructure

LexDAO is a club of legal engineering professionals united to bring the traditional legal settlement layer to code and coded agreements to the masses. We believe that everyone deserves access to justice in a quick and efficient manner. If legal services were easier to use, verify, and enforce, we could live in a fairer world. Distributed ledger technology offers solutions to many problems in the legal space.

Our mission is to research, develop and evangelize first-class legal methods and blockchain protocols that secure rules and promises with code rather than trust. We do this by training LexDAO-certified legal engineers and building LexDAO-certified blockchain applications. 

Bringing Legal Settlement to the Blockchain

Building better contracts

Pursuing unbiased intermediation

Balancing bargaining power

Preserving obligations

Promoting fair dealings

Pursuing Open Access to Justice and Legal Services

Connecting people to services

Preserving transparency

Trustless verification

Open source legal documents

Accessible resources

Balancing Deterministic  Tools with Equitable Considerations

Using the blockchain to handle contracts and settle disputes

Governance and Operations

Terms and Conditions

Enforceable Contracts

On-Chain Settlement

Escrow and Clawbacks

Building the next generation of legal contracts

Open Source Law

Pursuing a world where legal services are easier to understand, lower cost, and accessible to all people

On-Chain Settlement

Exploring and engineering software that settles agreements fast and fairly in trustless environments

Token Governance

Modeling, building, and deploying  distributed governance-structures and compensation models

Fiscal Responsibility

Mapping web3 financial structures to GAAP oriented frameworks for fiduciary responsibility

Contracts and Escrow

Managing terms, conditions, and payments between parties with smart contracts 

Corporate Formation

Testing existing corporate structures and legal frameworks applied to internet native companies

Partnering with Educational Institutions and Non – Profits

Student driven projects and public goods are at the core of LexDAO’s mission.  We aim to provide students with opportunities to work on cutting edge ideas and engage in healthy debate on key political issues.  We are also pursuing Continued Legal Education partnerships (CLEs)

Research and Consulting

LexDAO supports research in the areas of web3 development, internet-native companies, policy, legal regulation, governance frameworks, compliance and more.  

We also advice companies on cutting edge organizational design and corporate formation structures.


Project Incubation and Grants

LexDAO supports project incubation within our ecosystem and beyond.  We pursue DAO advocacy, internet-native development, tooling, and more.  We aim to partner with organizations that prioritize good-faith dealings, battle-tested code, seeking solutions to operational challenges in an internet-native environment 

LexDAO Logo in 200x200

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